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Human Rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless the nationality, place of residence, sex, gender, ethnicity, skin colour, religion, language, or any other identity status. They are fundamental building blocks of a socially prosperous society. Understanding one's human rights and corresponding responsibilities is important for every citizen of the modern world. At its heart, imparting human rights education to people is a vital part of building a peaceful community. In order to educate citizens on human rights and to inculcate respect for human rights among them, Network For Human Rights and Justice and Youth For Pakistan jointly created Youth Defender.

The primary objectives of Youth Defender are:

  • Promote and protect Human Rights through activism, advocacy and research.
  • Promote the broader democratic development in Pakistan
  • Help the poor and downtrodden in securing their rights through human rights education training, advocacy, legal aid and financial assistance.
  • Bring all national organizations, institutions and human rights defenders to press for change in policy and practices which promote and implement declarations, covenants, protocols and communiqu├ęs related to Human Rights and justice around the country.
  • Monitor human rights developments in the country.
  • Conduct investigations into reports of violations.
  • Launch campaigns and engage in advocacy on the national, regional, and international level.

Youth Defender reaches out to the youth, human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers, civic and political activists to promote its vision of an equitable rights based Pakistan.

Reporting Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed a human rights violation and need assistance, submit an incident report. We will connect you to the relevant authorities and provide pro bono legal aid if needed.

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Human Rights Legal Network

Nationwide network of lawyers and social activists.

Human Rights Legal Network is a nationwide network of lawyers and social activists who fight to combat injustice and protect the fundamental rights of marginalized communities and individuals by providing free legal assistance to the poor and needy peoples.

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