Human Rights Awards

Human Rights Awards

The Human Rights Youth Awards recognize activities performed by local youth that promote and/or contribute to Human Rights in Pakistan. The Award is given to a person or organisation that has made a unique contribution to defending human rights. The awards are not a competition, but recognition.

If you know a person or group that has contributed to human rights in Pakistan in 2020, we want to hear from you! Fill out our quick submission form below and let us know who they are and what makes them a human rights hero.

Award Information

  • The award-winner will receive a Shield, Certificate and one-time total cash prize of Rs. 50,000 which is intended to enable recipients to continue their human rights work in special ceremony at Islamabad on 10th December (Human Rights Day) each year.
  • Generally only one nominee receives the award per year; in the event that more than one is selected, the cash prize will be divided equally among the recipients.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Persons and organizations working nonviolently to promote and protect the human rights of people of any race, creed, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation are eligible for the Youth Defender Human Rights Award.
  • Nominees must not be part of a government institution or have an official role within a political party, although they can be affiliated with a political party.
  • Youth Defender Human Rights does not accept self-nominations, posthumous nominations, or nominations for the purposes of a lifetime achievement award.
  • Anyone can submit a nomination for the Youth Defender Human Rights Award, and Youth Defender Human Rights seeks nominations from a broad spectrum of individuals likely to know of appropriate candidates.
  • While the Human Rights Award judges may not nominate candidates for the award, they may re-nominate candidates who were not selected in the previous year.
  • Youth Defender Human Rights will request and collect nominations and assemble supporting materials for presentation to the YFP and NHRJ. Nominations that clearly fall outside the established criteria will not be presented to the judges.

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Reporting Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed a human rights violation and need assistance, submit an incident report. We will connect you to the relevant authorities and provide pro bono legal aid if needed.

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Human Rights Legal Network is a nationwide network of lawyers and social activists who fight to combat injustice and protect the fundamental rights of marginalized communities and individuals by providing free legal assistance to the poor and needy peoples

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