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We are largest national youth based human rights defenders who campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

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Legal Network

Leagl Network is a network of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against violations and insure equal access to justice for all.

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Women Network

Network of Women civil society leaders working together to advance women's rights, committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights.

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Minority Network

Minority Network is dedicated to secure rights for minority in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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The purpose of Youth Defender is to teach youth about human rights and inspire them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.
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Our work is guided by international human rights and humanitarian law and respect for the dignity of each human being. We will participate in, contribute to and gain from the Network of Youth Defender and the work of other Human Rights Organization. We will treat one another as equals, with mutual trust, respect, and solidarity. We will be open, transparent and reliable in our decisions and relationships. We will communicate with and about each other in a respectful, non-violent and nonaggressive manner.

Reporting Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed a human rights violation and need assistance, submit an incident report. We will connect you to the relevant authorities and provide pro bono legal aid if needed.

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Human Rights Legal Network

Nationwide network of lawyers and social activists.

Human Rights Legal Network is a nationwide network of lawyers and social activists who fight to combat injustice and protect the fundamental rights of marginalized communities and individuals by providing free legal assistance to the poor and needy peoples

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YD Running Activities

Human Rights Education

Empowering individuals, groups and communities through fostering knowledge, skills and attitudes consistent with internationally recognized human rights principles.

Women Empowerment

The overall objective of the activity is to strengthen processes that promote economic development of women and create an environment for social change.

Child Rights & Protection

The objectives of this activity is to protect children from abuse, exploitation, violence, discrimination and support the establishement of a system of juvenile justice.

Governance & Democratization

The activity will enhance the understanding of democracy and governance issues while addressing the capacity building needs of students across Pakistan.

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